Online-Workshop with Doug Keller (USA)

Thursday, 05. until Sunday, 08. November 2020:

Live in the Yogastudio with us OR Live-Stream to your place.

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Douglas Keller (USA), an international yoga-teacher with a proven reputation, will be back in 2020 to share his knowledge and wisdom in a live online seminar. He influenced and developed Anusara Yoga, wrote books about asana practice and yoga-philosophy and has a proven knowledge with yoga-therapy. During 7 sessions of his workshop he will be giving insight into specific body-parts and will be guiding you into a deeper experience of your practice. Doug will show how he incorporates his principles and techniques during a yoga-class.

The way Doug Keller teaches:

This intensiv workshop will further the knowledge of basic themes concerning therapeutic work with yoga to overcome pain – for yourself and for your students – and will deepen your know-how.

It is important for Doug Keller that the participants really understand the basic therapeutic priciples in regard of his alignment-guidelines. It should be understood when certain guidelines are appropriate and when to apply and work with variations. Dougs guidelines are clear, specific and easy to understand. They are supported by knowledge about anatomy and knowledge about common therapeutic problems of students who try to find help in practicing Yoga.

Doug Keller teaches in English. You will be offered a link to all the sessions to download.

IMPORTANT: You can register for the entire workshop or single-days at the end of this page. As we can only offer upto 20 places at the current moment the time of your registrations will decide wether you get a place. Please choose wether you want to register for LIVE-ONLINE or for a place in the STUDIO.

Thursday, 5. November 2020

Session 1: 19.00 – 21.00 Uhr
Topic: Masterclass – A Complete Practice: All Paths in One Experience
This asana practice will pull together the elements to be presented over the weekend in simple form, woven into a flowing practice. A little of everything will be touched upon in the practice, and each of these elements will be covered in greater detail during the rest of the weekend. The practice will not only be asana: there will be pranayama, incorporating the insights into the neck, letting the actions of the neck be guided by the breath — as the breath draws us into meditation.

Friday, 6. November 2020

Session 2: 15.00 – 17.30 Uhr
Topic: Sequencing – Timing is Everything
‘Sequencing’ is how we string poses together into a ‘flow’ or vinyasa that makes sense, makes the body feel good, and takes us deeper into the poses. But it is more than how well poses fit together: the inner wisdom of sequencing has to do with teaching the muscles to work together in the proper order in the body, to best support and protect the spine and joints of the legs and arms. Pain or injury often results from ‘skipping over’ or not using a key muscle – such as, for example, the gluteals – and relying too much on other muscles. We will focus on the actions of key muscles and how they work together in forward bends, back bends and twists, and how a sequence of poses strung together can reinforce the learning in the body, and safely take us deeper into our practice.

Session 3: 19.00 – 21.00 Uhr
Topic: Masterclass – Our Flexible, Spiraling Core
This asana practice session will explore the experience of the ‘Core’ in asana, and how it empowers our poses. Though the idea of a strong ‘core’ has been popular for some time now, too often it focuses simply on abdominal and spinal stability (and in yoga, on the ‘bandhas’ alone), in isolation from the role of the arms and legs. In this practice, we will play with asana and vinyasa as functional movement, with the arms and legs incorporated into the integrity of the ‘core.’

Saturday, 7. November 2020

Session 4: 15.00 – 17.30 Uhr
Topic: Fine-tuning the Neck and Shoulders
The neck and shoulders make up a sensitive network of muscles and joints, some of which are supplied by ‘cranial nerves’ that are more directly linked to our mental and emotional state. And so problems of tightness, pain, and lack of mobility often come from the nervous system’s perception of lack of stability — and lack of safety in movement.
This workshop session will explore these topics from both the physical and the ‘yogic’ perspective, and introduce practical exercises and awareness that help to promote greater freedom of movement and a reduction of problems of aches and pain. We’ll start with the head and neck, and the topic of the vagus and other cranial nerves, and move into practical ideas about the shoulders, including insights into the very important role of the collarbones and their movement. The points about the shoulders will be continued in the practice that follows in the next session; the points about the neck and vagus nerve (and other cranial nerves) will be tied to very practical insights into refining your pranayama and meditation practice — with pranayama and meditation included at the end of the Saturday evening Masterclass.

Session 5: 19.00 – 21.00 Uhr
Topic: Masterclass – 360o Workout for the Shoulders and Neck — Emphasis on Backbending
This asana practice will focus on getting the neck and shoulders to work together for better range of motion in all types of poses — especially backbends. Not only can neck tightness be a limitation on shoulder movement; it can also be a cause of pain for both! This practice will both challenge you in backbends, and free your neck and shoulders!

Sunday, 8. November 2020

Session 6: 15.00 – 17.30 Uhr
Topic: Getting the ‘Big Picture’ of Your Own Habits, with special insights into the multi-dimensional problem of Sciatic Pain
A key to benefitting from yoga is to know how to use it as a tool for self-knowledge. We’ll cover simple methods for self-assessment (and quick postural assessment of students) and simple exercises for working with both weak and tight muscles to overcome pain problems in your feet, knees, hips, shoulders and neck. This is especially important for understanding the many kinds of common pain patterns that come under the heading of ‘sciatic pain.’ ‘Sciatica’ is one of the most common forms of pain, which has a number of causes — often interrelated. Along with an explanation of sciatic pain and simple techniques for recognizing its causes, we’ll be able to pull together fundamental principles for working with the lower body in asana that will be of benefit to everyone in their asana practice. Special emphasis will be on piriformis and hamstring stretches, and a look into the psoas and how it is released through yoga practice.
The session will be active, with a mixture of insights through the theory, combined with focused practice of asana.

Teacher: Doug Keller (USA)

210,- € for all days
Single Booking: Master Class on Thursday: 35 € / Friday & Saturday: each 75 € / Sunday: 40 €

Terms and Conditions:

The workshop-fee has to be payed in advance, latest 21 days after booking. Any other payment aggrements have to be communicated with us. If registering 3 weeks or less before the start of the workshop, the workshop fee has to be transferred within 2 working days. You will receive our bank details after registering. Your registration will be binding after payment. Without payment we will NOT reserve your place in the workshop or session.

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