Hatha Yoga-Intensiv-Workshop
with Doug Keller (USA)

Thursday, 04. until Sunday, 07. April 2019:

Douglas Keller (USA), an international yoga-teacher with a proven reputation, will be back at our studio YOGAmoves to share his knowledge and wisdom. He influenced and developed Anusara Yoga, wrote books about Asana-Practice and Yoga-Philosophie und has a proven knowledge with Yoga-Therapie. During 9 sessions of his intensiv workshop he will be giving insight into specific body-parts and will be guiding you into a deeper experience of your practice. The topic of the day – dealt with during two 3 hour-sessions – will be summarized within an evening practice-class. Doug will show how he incorporates his principles and techniques during a yoga-class.

The way Doug Keller teaches:

This intensiv workshop will further the knowledge of basic themes concerning therapeutic work with yoga to overcome pain – for yourself and for your students – and will deepen your knowhow. For the first time Doug will incorporate the topic of knees to make hip- and knee problems more understandable.

It is important for Doug Keller that the participants really understand the basic therapeutic priciples in regard of his alignment-guidelines. It should be understood when certain guidelines are appropriate and when to apply and work with variations. Dougs guidelines are clear, specific and easy to understand. They are supported by knowledge about anatomy and knowledge about common therapeutic problems of students who try to find help in practicing Yoga.

While being useful for teaching normal yoga classes, Doug will keep an eye on sequencing giudelines to help you build „mini-sequences“ to work individually with your students who have therapeutic issues. This is also useful for planing yoga classes with more students or a group of students showing the same therapeutic problems.

Doug Keller teaches in English.

You can register for single-sessions at the end of this page. Some sessions are already fully booked.

Thursday, 4. April 2019

Session 1: 20.00 – 22.00 Uhr
Topic: Masterclass – Best of Doug Keller

Friday, 5. April 2019

Session 2: 9.00 – 12.00 Uhr
Session 3: 13.30 – 16.30 Uhr
Topic of both sessions: Health of the sacroilliac joint – understanding hip-, back- and sciatic pain

The key to understanding healthy movement as well as the root of much chronic pelvic and low back pain lies in understanding the rhythmic movement of the sacrum and the muscles which support it. When these muscles are not functioning properly, chronic low back and pelvic pain are often the result, and are tied to specific movement patterns that can be corrected through asana combined with specific exercises. Our treatment of this topic will include tools for assessment of postural and movement patterns, corrective exercises and sequencing, and related topics of sciatic pain and hip joint health. The principles for good practice will cover working effectively with the different classes of yoga poses.

Session 4: 17.30 – 19.30 Uhr
Masterclass: Doug teaches a 2-hour Asana-Practice, based on the topic of Sessions 2 and 3. It is NOT necessary to have taken the above mentioned sessions. The masterclass can be enjoyed as a single practice class.

Saturday, 6. April 2019

Session 5: 9.00 – 12.00 Uhr
Session 6: 13.30 – 16.30 Uhr
Topic of both sessions: Lower body with special focus on the knees

Knee health and knee problems is an especially important topic for active (and previously active) people, and yoga practice poses its own challenges and cautions. And knee health usually includes all of the major considerations of the lower body: the feet and health of the arches, including challenges such as bunions/hallux; hamstring and quadriceps tightness or imbalance, the IT band and imbalances in the many muscles surrounding the hips, including the gluteals.
We’ll include assessment principles for the knees and knee problems, awareness of the most common kinds of knee problems and injuries, and principles for safe and helpful practice in yoga poses that will improve the condition of not only the knees, but the feet and hips as well.

Session 7: 17.30 – 19.30 Uhr
Masterclass: Doug teaches a 2-hour Asana-Practice, based on the topic of Sessions 5 and 6. It is NOT necessary to have taken the above mentioned sessions. The masterclass can be enjoyed as a single practice class.

Sunday, 7. April

Session 8: 9.00 – 12.00 Uhr (fully booked/waiting list)
Session 9: 13.00 – 16.00 Uhr (fully booked/waiting list)
Topic of both sessions: Upper body, shoulders and neck – upper back und neck and their influence on shoulder-health

Neck and head alignment — and our own subtle habits in using our neck — have a great impact upon the health of our upper back and shoulders, and are the root of a great deal of our upper body pain. This includes jaw alignment and tension, as well as tension arising from postural shifts beginning in the lower body. Yoga has plenty of principles for the head and neck, including bandha and mudra, that are related to the breath as well as asana, and which can be applied simply and effectively to address upper body pain problems, including neck stiffness and headache pain as well as breathing and functional disorders that affect our everyday health, including sleep. The principles covered for working with the head and neck in asana and pranayama will naturally lead us into working with the shoulders, and seeing how these principles apply in all classes of asanas.

Teacher: Doug Keller (USA)

469,- EUR for all 9 sessions
Single Booking: 60,- EUR per Session (2/3/5/6/8/9) resp. 40,- EUR per Session (1/4/7)

Terms and Conditions:

The workshop-fee has to be payed in advance, latest 21 days after booking. Any other payment aggrements have to be communicated with us. You will receiver our bank details after registering. Your registration will be binding after payment. Without payment we will NOT reserve your place in the workshop or session.

Cancellation deadlines: You will get the full payment back until 4 weeks before the start of the workshop. You get back 50% of your payment when cancelling between 2 and 4 weeks before the workshop starts. You get back 25% of your payment when cancelling between 1 and 2 weeks before the workshop starts. By cancelling in shorter notice there will be no refund. You accept these terms when booking and paying for the workshop.